New teaching schedule for 2012

Loppön Karma Phuntsok has arranged a schedule to give Buddhist teachings on Saturdays from February to July.

The teachings will cover three modules, with each module running for eight weeks.

Module 1 is £100 for all 8 sessions or £20 for each session. Concessions are available for students.

Teachings will be from 10am – 12pm.

4 February to 24 March
Module 1 - Gyalse Laklen
Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva
The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva is one of the most famous teachings in Tibetan Buddhism and is widely taught and practised across all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It is suitable for beginners, yet the essence of this teaching is very pure, profound and intensive, and includes the six paramitas (six perfections), as well as encouraging the cultivation of bodhicitta (awakening mind).

7 April to 26 May
module 2 - Lojong
Seven Points of Mind Training
Lojong is a practice unique to the Mahayana tradition and is mainly focused on cultivating mindfulness and awareness. It explains how to transform the five mind poisons (attachment, anger, ignorance, pride and jealousy) into the five qualities (renunciation, loving kindness, interdependence, equality and exchanging oneself for others). Lojong gives details of how to act when encountering difficulties. It also includes the practice of tong-len (sending and receiving).

9 June to 28 July
module 3 - Dorje Chang Tungma
Supplication Prayers to the Kagyu Lineage Masters
The supplication prayers give extensive and profound instructions for all meditators by outlining successful techniques - as well as obstacles to meditation. In order to become a good meditator one ought to have great faith and devotion towards the lineage masters, because great faith will help us to become more compassionate, as well as making our meditation more fruitful. Ultimately this will be of great benefit to oneself and to others.

If you are interested in attending the teachings or would like further information, please contact the secretary at Thrangu House at or on 01865 241555